How do I see the information that is being stored?




  • Miguel Patlan

    How do you know when you you software is installed

  • Denise Stevens

    Why can’t I see info I already purchased

  • Raymond Macias

    The stuff is not easy to view and there is no link between your windows!

    Dashboard and setup are not even together.

    Help can't even find dashboard!

    so far I feel ripped off!


    Need weekend support or documentation that is clear on how to use it!

    I work in software and know good documentation. Your tool needs some!


  • vettewagon

    I can't sign In either. I changed passwords and it comes up with a lady looking @ A Phone and a search box with a faq box bellow.
    I got in once on me pc but my LG phone won't funtion.

  • emmiemoomoo

    How do I start following somebody

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